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Classified Ad Information

How it works!

How it works:

-20 words or less will be $5.25/wk. Each additional word over 20 is .25 cents extra.

-You can place your ad in the print or online for the same price OR you can choose to place in both for an extra $2.50.

-Classifieds will be updated during business hours only and after it is paid (businesses will be billed)

-Classifieds will stay up for 1 week unless paid for more or cancelled (no refunds)

-After the classified is listed, it is followed by the expiration (Example: Feb. 1)

-You may call in (456-2602), email (wamegosmokesignal@gmail.com), or drop off (407 Lincoln, Wamego) your ad

-We can put anything in the classifieds online from public notices to help wanted and homes for rent to misc. for sale items

-If you don't see it listed, just ask if it can be placed up here...more than likely it can!


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