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Pott. Co. shorts Jan. 13, 2014

January 21, 2014
Several things happened during the Pottawatomie County Commission Monday, Jan. 13, 2014 regular meeting.

- Betty Abitz, register of deeds, came in with more information about the proposed elimination of the mortgage registration tax which she had briefly talked about at the January 6 meeting. The commission agreed to sign resolution 2014-2 opposing the elimination-- which if the tax gets eliminated would cost the county one million dollars.

-Nathan Henry, wildlife and parks manager came in with a request about getting some help from the county for the upkeep of State Lake Road located by Pottawatomie State Lake #2. The commission told him to sit down with Leu Lowrey, public works director, and John Watt, county counselor, to get something worked out.

-Leslie Campbell, health director, said the number of confirmed flu cases in Kansas has increased and the Health Department still has plenty doses of flu vaccine available.

-Scott Schwinn, sanitarian and landfill supervisor said that the lagoons across the county are getting cleaned up. He also said he has some concern about the number of trash haulers coming to the landfill. If the numbers do not increase, Schwinn said it doesn't look good for the landfill.

-The commission reorganized appointing Stan Hartwich as Chairman and Gary Yenzer as Vice Chairman.


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