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Pottawatomie/Wabaunsee County 4H Day

April 02, 2014
The Pottawatomie/Wabaunsee County 4 H Day, was held March 15 at Mission Valley School, Eskridge. 4 H'ers spent the morning and early afternoon in a variety of group and individual activities including talks, drama, music, dance performances, and parliamentary practice with over 106 entries.

Wabaunsee County

Project Talks – Trey McGinley, Harveyville-Blue; Teva Thooft, Newbury-Blue; Joseph Thooft, Newbury-Blue; Lane Seastrom, Harveyville-Top Blue

Intermediate Public Speaking – Kaylee Lukert, Maple Hill Hustlers-Overall Top Blue

Junior Reading/Poetry or Prose Interpretation -- Baylie Tharman, Newbury-Top Blue

Intermediate Reading/Poetry or Prose Interpretation - Kaylee Lukert, Maple Hill Hustlers-Top Blue

Junior Solo Acting– Grace Deiter, Maple Hill Hustlers-Red

Junior Demonstration/Illustrated Talks – Kaelyn Conrad, Newbury-Alternate Overall Top Blue; Rebekah Stuhlsatz, Newbury-Top Blue; Isabelle Stuhlsatz, Newbury-Top Blue

Intermediate Demonstrations/Illustrated Talks – Kaylee Lukert, Maple Hill Hustlers-Alternate Top Blue; Peter Stuhlsatz, Newbury-Top Blue; A.J. Eddy, Friendly Farmers-Red

Senior demonstrations/Illustrated Talks – Rose Stuhlsatz, Newbury-Top Blue

Maple Hill Hustler's skit titled, "Click, Clack, Moo" and the names are L-R: front row: Kaylee Lukert, back row: Jalyn Davis, Kara Griffin, and Natalie Moser.
Intermediate Vocal Solo – Monica Moser, Maple Hill Hustlers-Top Blue

Instrumental Vocal Ensemble – Newbury (Luke Stuhlsatz, Rose Stuhlsatz, Peter Stuhlsatz)-Top Blue

Junior Instrumental Solo – Teva Thooft, Newbury-Blue; Joey Thooft, Newbury-Overall Top Blue

Intermediate Instrumental Solo – Bryce Tharman, Newbury-Alternate Top Blue; Monica Moser, Maple Hill Hustlers-Overall Top Blue

Experienced Gavel Games – Wabaunsee (Rachelle Wiley, Anna Carpenter, Laura Carpenter, Trent Elzey, Devin McClayland, Channing Schneider, Mia Hastings), Overall Top Blue; Newbury (Braden Tharman, Bryce Tharman, Rose Stuhlsatz, Erica Stuhlsatz, Luke Stuhlsatz), Blue

Skits – Maple Hill Hustlers, Blue; Friendly Farmers, Top Blue

Dance Group – Jalyn Davis (Maple Hill Hustlers) & Kaelyn Conrad (Newbury)-Top Blue

Pottawatomie County<br>
Project Talks – Aubriel Sylvester, Kaw Valley-Overall Top Blue; Elizabeth SinghDhillon, Jayhawkers-Red

Senior Public Speaking – Jackson Fike, Westy Trailblazers-Overall Top Blue; Kyle Riffel, Westy Trailblazers-Alternate Top Blue

Bailey Aubert and Samantha Harries, Jayhawkers 4-H Club, present their demonstration of "Cookie in a Jar."
Junior Reading/Poetry or Prose Interpretation -- Allison Moser, Westy Trailblazers-Overall Top Blue; Aubriel Sylvester, Kaw Valley, Red; Kiersten Blankley, Westy Trailblazers-Red; Benjamin Pinson, Blackjack-Red; Margaret Benson, Dutch Mill-Red; Josephine Benson, Dutch Mill-Red

Intermediate Reading/Poetry or Prose Interpretation – Lyllian Pinson, Blackjack-Red; Davi Scruggs, Dutch Mill-Red; Curtis Pinson, Blackjack-Red; Lester Jennings, Shining Star-Blue; Grace Fike, Westy Trailblazers, Alternate Top Blue; Katelyn VanDonge, Wheaton-Blue; Molly Minihan, Wheaton-Red; Kara Riffel, Westy Trailblazers-Overall Top Blue

Senior Reading/Poetry or Prose Interpretation – Cassandra Ebert, Lucky'Leven-Alternate Top Blue; Wyatt Minihan, Wheaton-Red; Ben Hermesch, Dutch Mill-Blue; Katelyn Reisinger, Shining Star-Overall Top Blue; Morgan Manual, Shining Star-Blue; Thomas Manual, Shining Star-Blue; Isabelle Jennings, Shining Star-Blue; Tharrin D'Aloia, Triple V-Red

Junior Solo Acting – Josephine Benson, Dutch Mill-Alternate Top Blue; Averyn Sylvester, Kaw Valley-Overall Top Blue

Senior Solo Acting – Eli Miller, Westy Trailblazers-Overall Top Blue; Tatum Brunkow, Wheaton-White; Isabelle Jennings, Shining Star-White

Junior Demonstration/Illustrated Talks – Jenna DeRouchey, Kaw Valley-Overall Top Blue; Elyse Louderback, Lucky 'Leven-Blue; Isaac Wilber, Kaw Valley-Blue; Bailey Aubert, Samantha Harries, Jayhawkers-Top Blue; Kolton Cooper, Kaw Valley-Red; Grant Dugan, Blackjack-Blue; Wyatt Pennington, Shining Star-Red; Ty Pennington, Shining Star-Red

Intermediate Demonstrations/Illustrated Talks – Spencer Dugan, Blackjack-Alternate Top Blue; Ellie Wyss, Shining Star-Blue; Kenzie Cooper, Kaw Valley-Top Blue; Katie Hutson, Olsburg Boosters-Red; Destiny Santacroce, Jawhawkers-Blue; James DeRouchey, Kaw Valley-Overall Top Blue

Senior demonstrations/Illustrated Talks – Tatum Brunkow, Wheaton-Blue; Isaac Brunkow, Wheaton-Blue; Nathanael Martin, Olsburg Boosters-Red; Michael Olson, Olsburg Boosters-Alternate Top Blue; Shay Duer, Triple V-Overall Top Blue; Wade Minihan, Wheaton-Top Blue

Junior Vocal Solo – Averyn Sylvester, Kaw Valley-Overall Top Blue

Intermediate Vocal Solo – Xandria Zimmerman, Westy Trailblazers -Blue; Sam Hermesch, Dutch Mill-Overall Top Blue

Senior Vocal Solo – Katelynn Kolterman, Shining Star -Blue; Isabelle Jennings, Shining Star-Blue; Ben Hermesch, Dutch Mill-Alternate Top Blue; Michaela Blockcolsky, Olsburg Boosters-Overall Top Blue

Instrumental Ensemble – Jayhawkers (Samantha Harries, Bailey Aubert, Lily Stallbaumer, Kelsey Fields, Megan Fordham, Atticus Martin, Madelyn Stewart, Kaycee SinghDillon), Blue; Blackjack (Austin Hynek, Will Dulohery), Overall Top Blue

Junior Instrumental Solo – Jenna DeRouchey, Kaw Valley-Top Blue

Intermediate Instrumental Solo – Marshall Fike, Westy Trailblazers-Top Blue; Sam Hermesch, Dutch Mill-Blue; Megan Fordham, Jayhawkers-Blue; Rylee Olson, Olsburg Boosters- Blue; Tess Fairbanks, Wheaton-Red

Senior Instrumental Solos – Katelynn Kolterman, Shining Star –Alternate Top Blue; Isabelle Jennings, Shining Star-Overall Top Blue

Beginning Gavel Games – Olsburg Boosters #1 (Latham Withroder, Clayton Budenbender, Blake Jones, Skyler Zoeller, Grady Kasselman), White; Olsburg Boosters #2 (Emma Kasselman, Corinne Withroder, MacKenna Cassel, Landry Zoeller, Campbell Cassel), Blue; Westy Trailblazers (Laney Marple, Allison Moser, Kara Riffel, Caleb Purvis), Overall Top Blue

Experienced Gavel Games – Olsburg Boosters #3 (Madison Marker, Katlyn Budenbender, Kyle Apley), White; Westy Trailblazers #2 (Xandria Zimmerman, Eli Miller, Hannah Fouts, Reid Bissen), White

Skits – Jayhawkers, Red; Westy Trailblazers, Overall Top Blue; Olsburg Boosters, Alternate Top Blue

Junior Dance Solo – Aubriel Sylvester, Kaw Valley-Overall Top Blue; Averyn Sylvester, Kaw Valley-Alternate Top Blue

Intermediate Dance Solo – Grace Fike, Westy Trailblazers-Overall Top Blue

Senior Dance Solo – Katelyn Reisinger, Shining Star-Overall Top Blue

Dance Group – Wheaton (Tess Fairbanks, Molly Minihan, Katelyn VanDonge), Overall Top Blue


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