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Westmoreland Council Disagrees Over Stop Sign Change

May 14, 2014
Changing the stop signs at Fulton and 2nd Street intersection caused a difference of opinion at the Westmoreland City Council meeting on May 8, 2014. Mayor Mark Goodenow said, "I brought this up last month, and you all hem hawed around it. And I want a decision made to either remove them or it was also mentioned to put them on Fulton instead of on 2nd Street." Jeff Zimmerman, Councilman, said he had talked to all the residents in the area, and they all like the stop signs the way they are. A council vote to leave the signs as is resulted in a tie vote. Jeff Zimmerman and Jeff Rosell, Councilmen, voted aye, and Jim Moore and Jim Smith, Councilmen, voted nay. Goodenow said he could make the decision or open it up for another motion. Goodenow moved to switch the stop signs from being on 2nd Street to being on Fulton Street. Ayes from Goodenow, Moore, and Smith passed the motion, and the stop signs will be switched.

Karen Moreland, American Legion Auxiliary, requested the use of a cabinet at the Community Center for the auxiliary. Moreland said it did not need to be locked and that the auxiliary would not hold the City responsible If someone used the supplies. The council agreed with this request. Moreland said, "The facility is just looking beautiful."

Vicki Zenter, City Clerk, read the names for the appointments for the City of Westmoreland as follows, Vicki Zenter, City Clerk, Lindsay Elliott, City Treasurer, John Watt, City Attorney, Mary Zimmerman, City Agent, Robert Krohn, Zoning Administrator, Blaine Carter, Municipal Court Judge, Vicki Zenter, City Court Clerk, Westmoreland Recorder, Official City Newspaper, St. Gordon and Associates, Official Accounting Firm, and Jim Smith, Fire Chief. Committee Members were as follows, Margery Conklin, Mark Hafenstein, Jim Henson, Angel Alvarado, and Greg Zeller, Planning and Zoning, and Pat Burns, Casey Ruggles, Judy Roberts, and two more members needed, Cemetery. Mayor Goodenow asked for approval of these appointments, and all were in favor.

The Mayor then asked for approval of Farmers State Bank, as the official financial institution; Jim Moore, council member exempted himself from the vote due to conflict of interest, and all other members of the council present approved. The Council then approved the nomination of Jeff Rosell, Councilman, as President of the Council.

Mayor Goodenow appointed the council members to their areas of concern; Jeff Rosell, Utilities, Jim Moore, Streets, Jim Smith, Animal Control and Parks, Norbert Marek, Pool and Zoning, and Jeff Zimmerman, Cemetery. Norbert Marek, Westmoreland City Councilman, was absent.

In other business, the council:

Approved the agenda and monthly bills.

Approved the minutes of the last meeting, April 10, 2014.

Approved Jim Smith, Councilman, as backup for city check signing.

Approved the purchase of a new mower and trade-in for the maintenance department.

Approved the purchase of security cameras for the city shop.

Approved the fireworks stand permit for Rock Creek Fireworks (Scott Schwinn).


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