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"Kiss The Pig" Contest Not Offered At Wabaunsee County Fair

June 18, 2014
The Wabaunsee County Fair will have a "Cream The Council" event instead of "Kiss The Pig" this year. The 4-H Council decided to alternate years with the events.

The new event will consist of 4-H leaders throwing pies at the council members' faces based upon the funds they raise to help Community Health Ministries. An additional free activity on Tuesday at the fair will be a rock climbing wall.

"This time of year, it always looks simpler on paper, I think, than it really is," said Kara Mayer, Wabaunsee County Extension agent to the County Commission Monday, June 16.

"Because we are just doing lots and lots of county fair preparations, which doesn't always show up on paper very well," she added.

The extension service recently finished up Walk Kansas, which is an 8-week walking program. Wabaunsee County had 12 teams participating this year. The "Kids in the Kitchen Program" is gearing up to start at the fairgrounds. The 4-H/Youth Development program is hosted by the extension office and the Wabaunsee County Health Department, and 20 kids in the county have signed up. The 4th Annual Spring Swine Show was also held recently.

"With 80 entries, that show just continues to grow each year," Mayer said. "We had good participation from Wabaunsee County 4-H'ers."

Tractor Safety training was held at KanEquip in Wamego. The two-day training went very well and involved 23 children, with three of those from Wabaunsee County. Mayer also reported that about 40 Wabaunsee County kids will be attending the Purple Power Pack 4-H Camp June 19 through 23 at Rock Springs.

Budget requests were presented from the Soil Conservation District, Mental Health Center of East Central Kansas (MHCECKS), and Hetlinger Developmental Services. Soil Conservation and MHCECKS requested increases and Hetlinger's remained the same.

Ervan Stuewe, Wabaunsee County Commissioner, thanked Doug Howser, Wabaunsee County Sheriff, for taking care of the Friday afternoon courthouse visitors who had been too loud and vulgar. Howser reported that his department had recently bought a software program which will help coordinate the building's safety program.

Most department heads reported the new phone system is not working as it should. The commission will schedule a meeting with CenturyLink so that the problems can hopefully be resolved.


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