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Wabaunsee County Still Experiencing Phone Issues

July 02, 2014
Despite an upgrade in phone service, Wabaunsee County is still experiencing phone problems. Department heads reported that sometimes the phone just quit working, some conference calls are limited to two-three people, voicemail not always working correctly, and nothing appearing on screens. They also reported that a few screens were displaying numbers that even the technician could not explain.

Keith Fine, CenturyLink, was present at the Commission meeting on Monday, June 30, to listen to the phone complaints. Fine said his technician was on vacation this week, but that he would email the technician a list of the issues so they could be resolved.

"We were happy with it (phone system) before we did this PRI," said Jennifer Savage, county clerk.

Fine replied, "The reason why you are doing the PRI is because everybody was complaining that you were spending way too much money for telephone lines," Fine responded. "And so, the only thing we are trying to do is reduce your monthly cost."

"That's true," said Commissioner James Suber. "It needed to be done; it was too high. That doesn't mean we have to do with less than satisfactory communications, service, arrangements, scheduling help and so forth and so on."

"We'll work with you to get everything fixed," Fine replied.

Some of the department heads present requested training, so Fine will also be scheduling training as soon as possible to help employees learn how to use the phone system more efficiently. Fine will also provide pamphlets for the phone system.

In other business:

Doug Howser, Wabaunsee County Sheriff, reported that his department is helping create about seven-eight crisis kits to be placed in safe areas. Howser also reported his department has a new vehicle and a new hire from the police academy starting in a few weeks.

Approved Emergency Management's request to hire a consultant to help write their State-mandated plan for 2015; a new plan is required every 5 (five) years.

Heard budget requests from Emergency Management and the Program for the Elderly.

Heard a request from Three Rivers for monetary assistance.


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