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Aggieville makes history


Dan Walter, author of 125 Years of Aggieville Tradition
August 06, 2014
The Aggieville shopping district in Manhattan, Kansas is 125 years old this year! To celebrate, the Aggieville Business Association is hosting a 125th Birthday Street Fair and Dance on the streets of Aggieville on September 20, 2014.

As part of the event, Custom Family Stories has just released a book titled, 125 Years of Aggieville Tradition by Dan Walter. In the 1880s the area now known as Aggieville was filled with corn fields and a few scattered houses, yet 125 years later that same spot contains a thriving shopping center with over 100 businesses!

The 64-page book is packed with over 100 historic photos of the businesses and business owners that helped make Aggieville great. This shopping and entertainment district has a rich history of quaint drug stores, laundries, barber shops, book stores, big band dance halls, and – perhaps most importantly of all – places to eat!

125 Years of Aggieville Tradition is sure to bring back some special memories for anyone who has dined, danced, or shopped in Aggieville in the last 100 years. It sells for $9.95 and is available now at bookstores in Aggieville and other stores around the area.

Growing up a block from Aggieville, author Dan Walter worked at the Campus Theatre (in Aggieville) during his high school years, Ballard's Sporting Goods (in Aggieville) during his college years, and Varney's Book Store (in Aggieville) for 30 years. Dan says that, "All in all, I've spent most of my life in and around Aggieville!" He is past President of the Aggieville Business Association and has served as the ABA Historian since 1998.

Other books by Dan Walter include Aggieville 1889-1989: 100 Years of the Aggieville Tradition; The Harrison Building Scrapbook: 1915-1998 (or Whatever Happened to The Avalon Ballroom?); The Varney's Book Story: Volume 1 1890-1974; The Drug Stores of Aggieville…and a few other tangents along the way!; Hello, Willie!; and Willie the Wildcat's Journey Through Kansas.

For more information on Aggieville history you can look online at www.aggievillearchives.com or www.facebook.com/aggievillearchives


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