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Dee McKee takes Pottawatomie County Commission Race

August 06, 2014
Dee McKee unseated incumbent Gary Yenzer in the Pottawatomie County Commissioner 1st District Republican Primary held Tuesday by a margin of 406-355, according to the unofficial Pottawatomie County election results.

McKee's strong showing in Blue Township, where she garnered 200 votes to Yenzer's 122 helped tip the scales in her favor. She also won Blue Valley, 37-22, and Green, 15-7. Yenzer had the most advance votes, 37-25; and also won St. George 1, 6-1, and St. George 17, 161-128.

Below are the state-wide election results, with the unofficial numbers coming for the Kansas Secretary of State's office. Local votes are in parenthesis.

U.S. Senate (Democrat) Chad Taylor, 34,390 (P 255/W 127); Patrick Wiesner, 30,557 (P 85/W 28). (Republican) Pat Roberts, 125,306 (P 1,163/W 459 ); D.J. Smith, 15,057 (P 109/W 52); Milton Wolf, 106,128 (P 1,431/W 374 ); Alvin Zahnter, 13,935 (P 87/W 53).

U.S. House of Representatives District 1 (Democrat) James Sherow, 8,077 (P 301/W 1123); Brian Whitney, 4,214 (P 27/W 4). (Republican) Tim Huelskamp, 42,166 (P 1,745/W 531); Alan LaPolice, 34,671 (P 991/W 399).

Governor/Lt. Governor (Republican) Sam Brownback, 164,319 (P 1,952/W 566); Jennifer Winn, 95,343 (P 808/W 278).

Secretary of State (Republican) Kris Kobach, 164,396 (P 2,026/W 626); Scott Morgan, 89,320 (P 656/W 291).

Commissioner of Insurance (Republican) Beverly Gossage, 54,578 (P 529/W 242); David Powell, 39,638 (P 456/W 181); Ken Selzer, 64,073 (P 559/W 231); Clark Schultz, 53,900 (P 597/W 247); John Tolikar, 24,455 (P 317/W 70).


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