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Bridge Program Might Help Replace a Bridge or Two

August 12, 2014
Wabaunsee County could benefit from a KDOT bridge program to help with replacement projects.

Bob Chambers, Cook, Flatt, & Strobel (CFS) Engineers brought information about a KDOT bridge program where the county could receive $120,000 in aid to help replace a bridge to the Monday commission meeting.

Chambers said that it could cost about $240,000 to replace a 30-foot bridge.

The main objective of this program is to help agriculture while replacing bridges in need of repair.

"That's what the program is shooting for, the smaller bridges used mainly by agriculture or people in that area," Chambers said. "It's trying to get the number of deficient bridges in the state down."

To qualify for the program, an existing bridge must be in need of replacement, be 20 to 50 feet in length, and have less than 100 vehicles crossing it per day. Chambers said Wabaunsee County has 29 bridges that qualify for this program.

"You said we have 29 that qualify," said Commissioner Ervan Stuewe. "Are all 29 ones that are could or should be replaced?"

"They all should be replaced," Chambers replied. "There are a couple more that don't qualify that are too big or have too much traffic."

The Commission will need to pick bridges, fill out and submit applications, then wait to see if any of their bridges are selected for replacement. Chambers said he would help them with their selection and the application process.

The commissioners also heard from County Attorney Norbert Marek, who told them Wabaunsee County won the jumper case from 2006, in which the University of Kansas Medical Center sued the county for reimbursement of the medical expenses incurred by the jumper.


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