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Sylvester-Rudolph 66th Reunion

August 12, 2014
The 66th annual Sylvester-Rudolph family reunion was held Sunday, July 27, at the Wamego First United Methodist Church.

A covered dish dinner was enjoyed by 67 family members present: Karen Hartner, Manhattan; Lyle and Betty Sylvester, Clay Center; Elgene and Nola Sylvester, Wamego; Tim and Norene Klein, Abilene; Oree and Stephanie Klein, Oren and Joyce, McPherson; Tasha Klein, Wamego; Laura Sylvester, Arden and Austin, Wamego; Eugene and Lois Visser, Goff; Erma Leuthold, Manhattan; Eldon and Julie Sylvester, Ethan and Jordan, Wamego; Clyde and Deb Sylvester, Ottawa; Kathryn and Dean Feightner, Shawnee; Eric and Kristel Jahnke, Heston and Kassidy, Junction City; Virgil and Marion Visser, Wakefield; Keith Hartner, Manhattan; Aaron and Claire Sylvester, Averyn, Aubriel, Calieah, Camberlin, and Amelise Sylvester, Wamego; Warren and Zola Sylvester, Riley; Scott and Lynette Hill, Abilene; Melissa Hill, Abilene; Kay Selman, Ottawa; Russ and Sandy Sylvester, Ottawa; Mary Jahnke, Junction City; Ross and Fern Freeman, Topeka; Gary and Ruby Sylvester; Don Trumpp, Wichita; Erin Thomas-Baldwin, Ava and Joey, Wichita; Harold and Mildred Fehlman, Wakefield; Leon and Janet Sylvester, Wamego; Don and Shauna Nye, Powhattan; Alberta Hofmann, Clay Center; Rodney Hofmann, Clay Center; David Fehlman, Wakefield; Matthew Jahnke, Junction City.

After the dinner, President Aaron Sylvester called the meeting to order. The 2013 minutes were read. Lyle Sylvester stood and recognized the families and family members present. The oldest member present was Alberta Hofmann, 92. The youngest member was Joyce Ann Klein, 10 weeks old. The farthest travelled was Don Trumpp, Erin Thomas-Baldwin, Ava and Joey, Wichita, KS. The closest was a toss-up between all of the Wamego Sylvesters. Births, deaths and marriages were recorded.

It was decided to donate $100 to the church for the use of the kitchen and fellowship hall and to pay all bills. We will hold our 67th annual reunion next year on the last Sunday in July (July 26, 2015) at the Wamego First United Methodist Church. Ross and Fern Freeman announced that they would host an open house sometime this winter (January or February) at the Dillon House for family members to see the renovations and improvements.

Election of officers was held. The slate for next year is: President Tim Klein, Vice President Eugene Visser, Secretary Larissa Sylvester Hageman.


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