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County Public Buildings in Westmoreland

June 26, 2014
The old Pottawatomie County Court House has only one tenant, the county fire supervisor. Since the opening of the new Justice Center in Westmoreland, there has been a domino effect with a variety of county department space needs.

The county health department is four blocks away from the administrative offices and is one of those departments with expansion needs.

Jim Moore, president of Farmer's State Bank, presented a real estate offer to the county commission on Monday, June 23, which he believes may help the county.

On Dec. 15, 2011 the bank purchased the Westmoreland Clinic for $70,000. The bank updated the facility with A/C, a new roof, and various other physical plant/building maintenance incidentals. According to county appraisal records, the building has 9,188 sq. ft. on the main/ground level and 3016 sq. ft. downstairs in the basement.

"My board of directors would like the building utilized. We're not in it to make money, we want to help the county out," Moore said.

"To me it would be ideal for the county health department, because it is set up well for patient care with ample plumbing," Moore said.

Moore offered another option to the commission for the first time, a building swap.

"John Watt made a good point to have a space needs assessment for the health department," Moore said. "I just need an answer, because we're not going to hold it forever. If they don't want it, then we will put it on the commercial market."

Moore reports that the bank invested $90K and will sell for $160,000 to the county if it can be useful to the public. This is not the first time that the bank has offered to sell the property to the county but it is the first time that a trade has been offered.

In other business:

Leu Lowrey, public works director, reported on the completion of north Vineyard Rd.

Michelle Morton of Reece Novelly, CPA PA, delivered the audit report, which was good and clean.

Moore, now representing the Westmoreland City Council, acknowledged the improvements to 1st and 2nd Streets and requested a completion of the street projects.

Crystal Malchose, human resource coordinator, reported on the health insurance enrollment period for commissioners.

Betty Abitz, register of deeds, requested a full time employee position be filled to replace after the retirement of a deputy effective immediately on June 20.

Leslie Campbell, health department director, requested a full time employee position be filled to replace a nurse who resigned.


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