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Veterans with proof of military commercial driving experience get one year waiver from CDL skills testing

July 10, 2014
For one year after their deployment, military veterans will be able to waive a commercial driver's license skill test if they have two years of safe driving in a comparable military vehicle.

The option previously had been available for veterans who had returned within 90 days of the application. The extended waiver option allows veterans returning from an overseas deployment more time to adjust to the civilian world.

"Kansas has a strong military community, when our veterans come home with skills that are useful in the civilian world we want to help them put those skills to work," said Director of Vehicles Lisa Kaspar. "We are happy to offer the longer waiver period as a way to help our veterans transition into civilian life and find employment."

Since it was created in 2012, 6,000 active duty and military veterans in Kansas have taken advantage of the waiver.

The waiver applies only to the drive portion of the commercial driver's license test; applicants will still need to have valid medical certification, pass the written test, have a valid commercial learners permit and verification of two years safe driving in a comparable military vehicle.

The American Association of Motor Vehicles Administrators, the Department of Defense and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration developed the skills test waiver sample form, and updated version of which is re-posted on websites for both the AAMVA and FMCSA.


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