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The "F" is back -- maybe
USD 320 board to ponder grading policy tweaks

by Beth Howell Day, The Smoke Signal

April 14, 2014

Lady Raider Kaylee Page got a first look at the banner recognizing her as the Gatorade Player of the Year for Kansas. She is pictured with her father and coach Jim byBeth Howell Day, The Smoke Signal.
The "F" is back -- along with some other tweaks to the Wamego High School grading policy if proposed changes are eventually approved by the USD 320 Board.

WHS Principal Tim Winter presented the changes to the board at the Monday night meeting.

"This is a result of another year of reflection and experience in policy and committee work last spring," he said. "We keep trying to improve each and every year."

Some of the proposed improvements are:

The "F" is back. Winter noted that the "NC" or "No Credit" was too confusing for some. "This makes it clear that students can and do fail," he said.

"I" will still mean in progress, but it will only be used for students who miss an assessment due to illness, student activity, etc. "It's not a punishment," Winter noted. "It just indicates they weren't there and 'I' is a reminder.'"

"W" is warning and determines whether a student is eligible. Winter said that the reports will be generated on a Monday, "giving students one full week before ineligibility begins. They have a minimum of a week to see the teacher and take care of business." He did note that there is some flexibility. "There are always exceptions and we don't want to punish a student who is working hard and doing all the right things, but for some reason or another, things don't work out for him."

Student grades will be posted "as is" in Power School.

The departments will have more flexibility in deadlines, remediation, etc.

An opt-out of finals for students who do "everything right, the first time, on time." The caveat to this, it will not apply to college classes, including AP.

Winter also proposed changes to the honor roll. Under the proposal, a GPA of 3.7-3.99 would put a student on the honor roll and a GPA of 4.0 or higher on the high honor roll. Students would also need to be in good academic standing.

"If this is approved for the next school year, we would be recognizing approximately 50 percent of our students instead of over 90," Winter noted.

In other business:

The board approved several new hires, including Dennis Charbonneau as the new WHS Assistant Principal/Athletic Director. A native of Clay Center, Charbonneau has a background as a science teacher and as a top level wrestling coach.

The board recognized the state girls basketball team, wrestlers, and several state academic achievements. Kaylee Page was singled out as the Gatorade Player of the Year for Kansas and presented with the banner.

The board agreed to give notice to vacate by July 31 to the current tenants of the Poplar properties. They are on a month-to-month lease. The objective is to either sell the houses for removal or have them demolished.

Complete details on the April 14 board meeting in our April 23 print edition.