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Wamego Public Library was pickup location for World Book Night

by Hannah Condrey

May 08, 2014

World Book Night was April 23 and the Wamego Public Library joined more than 2,300 libraries and bookstores across the country in celebrating the occasion. The Wamego Public Library has participated in World Book Night U.S. as a host location since 2012, the first year the event was celebrated in the United States. World Book Night Global is a non-profit organization dedicated to enabling communities to promote reading through volunteerism. Every year, 30-35 books are selected to be distributed to people who are not regular readers or have restricted access to printed materials due to means or location.

Members of the Wamego community and surrounding areas signed up to distribute copies of the books and were selected as givers based on their ability to reach light or non-readers. The givers stopped by the Wamego Public Library to pick up free copies of the books and then distributed them throughout the community. This year the Wamego Public Library was a pickup location for 10 givers. Each giver received 20 books to distribute, with a total of 200 books passing through the library doors.

World Book Night is a way for passionate readers to share with others the joy they find in reading. Jeremy Coar, manager of InterLibrary Loan at the Wamego Public Library, shared about his experience as a World Book Night giver and said, "I gave away my World Book Night books to the men's group I belong to. The book was City of Thieves by David Benioff. I chose the men's group because most of the men are not avid readers - they were farmers, laborers, mechanics - and usually only read non-fiction, and then usually only as it pertained to their respective work. I wasn't sure if they were going to like it or not, but the response has been positive. I've even had a few ask me for comparable books since." One of the goals of World Book Night and the Wamego Public Library is to spread the love of reading, person to person.