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The Fair Pavilion at Fair Time

July 24, 2014

The Pottawatomie County Fair is fast approaching. It begins July 31st at the fairgrounds in Onaga. Nancy Hubbard, who is the superintendent, will be very busy organizing the Fair Pavilion to display the very elaborate needle work, clothing, and the many fine quilts. It is so very good for the building to be used for which it was designed.

Several of the Fair Pavilion group, have created these wooden plywood quilt designs, to be silent auctioned off on Sunday afternoon at 5:00. Most are four feet square and can be put on display on the side of a barn. There is a smaller one showing the quilt design "Wagon Tracks".

The Friends are selling opportunities to win a Gift Certificate from the Onaga County Market. They are also starting to raise money to put a permanent roof on the round part. It is basically asphalt paper on the roof and is starting to leak. We have been told in the past, it had to be metal and that standing seam design, was the only way to go. Stand seam would be the finest quality roof, however after talking to the State Historical Society, they said anything would be fine.

All donations will be greatly appreciated.

Come to the fair and enjoy the fine architecture of Pottawatomie County Pavilion as it is amazing to see.

Linda Price, secretary 785-889-4800