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My family and I have lived in Wamego since 2006 when the Army brought us to Ft. Riley and have enjoyed the small community atmosphere along with its unique features such as the Columbian Theater. However, its recent showing of “Nunsense” has been extremely disappointing and upsetting to us. For a fairly good quality theater to allow the showing of such a vulgar and anti-Christian work, it is an antithesis to the values and traditions that we hold dear in this heartland. We have not seen the show but as Catholics we knew that a comedy about a religious order of sisters would probably not be very favorable to these Christian women. Therefore, we checked it out online and read the synopsis which confirmed our fears. I would like to highlight some of the shows themes to inform those who did not attend the performance. First, it makes fun of a group of religious women who fled from their mission of serving lepers and in turn, died from consuming tainted food prepared by one of their own, Sister Julia Child of God. Religious orders have historically given their lives in the service of others and this premise for the show is an outright defamation of their character. Second, it mocks Our Lord in the religious object of a crucifix striking Sister Mary Amnesia causing her namesake. God does provide us our crosses to better ourselves but the use of an irreligious and mocking concept involving the actual sign of the Son of Man suggests contempt and hatred of Christ. Third, it shows a Reverend Mother becoming intoxicated by a mysterious substance in a brown bag. Another poor attempt at so-called humor in trampling on the dignity and honor of a woman dedicated to God’s service by placing her on the same level as a street addict trying to get high. It displays numerous portrayals of religious women singing vulgar songs, even a foul-mouthed puppet presumably from a ventriloquist sister. In reading the online history of this anti-Christian work, it has spun off even worse sequels to include a cabaret act and one that displays men in drag. In summary, it is an insult to anyone who wishes to follow Christ. I hope (no, I pray since prayer is hope in action) that this type of work never returns to Wamego or this area in general. There are numerous Catholic parishes in the area (St. Bernard, St. Joseph, Assumption, Immaculate Conception) that I’m sure will be ready to defend those values which we hold dear.

February 17, 2014

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