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Maple Hill

Maple Hill

Carla Swartz: Candidate, Wabaunsee County Sheriff

#1 My name is Carla Swartz. I worked for 30 years at the Riley County Police Department as an officer and detective, retiring July 2015. I had the opportunity to receive a great deal of specialized training, ...more»

Rob Hoskins: Candidate, Wabaunsee County Sheriff

1 I am Rob Hoskins and I live in Alma, Kansas. My wife and I have raised four sons and we were blessed with two beautiful granddaughters born in March and June of this year....more»

Sam Hamilton: Candidate, Wabaunsee County Sheriff

1. I have been in Emergency Services for over 35 years. I have served at the Manhattan Fire Dept., U.S. Navy, Riley County Police Dept., and Wabaunsee Co....more»

KDOT Puts K-99 Improvements on Hold

After extensive studies and much input from City of Wamego, Wabaunsee County and Caterpillar Inc., the Executive KDOT staff, decided to shelve the K-99 Corridor Improvement Project according to Mark Karolevitz, ...more»
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