Source: Wamego Smoke Signal

Wabaunsee County courthouse passes fire inspection with no violations

by Rhonda Schley, The Smoke Signal

June 05, 2014

Jennifer Savage, Wabaunsee County Court Clerk, reported that the courthouse passed the Fire Marshall’s inspection with no violations.

"The Fire Marshall came last Tuesday and inspected our building for all our fire stuff, and we didn't have any dings” she said. “We were perfect. No violations."

She gave the report at the Monday, June 2, county commission meeting. Savage also reported that the Paxico Meatloaf Festival will be held June 28.

Correction Road’s bridge has been repaired, and the road is now open. "It's a township road, it's passable, it's safe enough now, it's not a dead-end, I think it should be open,” said Commissioner James Suber. Commissioner Ervan Stuewe added, "One of the main reasons that I know some of these people were in here asking that it not be gated were emergency vehicles, fire trucks, and things like that. In my opinion, they’re not the people who should have to stop and get out to open a gate."

Commissioners Suber and Rodney Allen agreed. The Commissioners voted unanimously to rescind the order of a gated road.

The Commission accepted budget requests from several departments, which included Noxious Weed, District Court, Health, Register of Deeds, Treasurer, and Appraiser offices. Several requests were the same as last year, and the Health Department’s request was lower due to the termination of a grant.

Janet Wertzberger, County Health Nurse, placed a request to purchase a training doll for car seat fitting, and new printer, and two widescreen monitors for her department. The commission unanimously approved her request.

The Commission accepted a bid of $24,122.88 from Van Diest Supply Co. for the chemicals Remedy and Tordon.

Abby Amick, Economic Development Director, introduced two interns who will be working in her office for the summer. Bailee Henry and Erin Carter will be helping to bridge the gap between Amick’s departure, probably in July, and the hiring of a new director.